I’m at war

I’ve been taking things easy and apparently, I hate it. The easy way These past few days I have been in a little dip. I don’t know why, because my life has been quite eventful lately. I closed a chapter in my life, and ...Read More

That’s so me

My life has never been so busy. It’s actually quite nice It’s good to always have something to do, someone to talk to or somewhere to do. My life, a few years ago, was pretty dull. All I did was get out of bed, ...Read More

The origin of bullying

Bullying is a complex thing. It’s everywhere, at any time. It’s a natural thing, it’s something that makes us humans, or animals. Humans aren’t the only species that reject or bully. It’s kind of like Charles Darwins “survival of the fittest”. Survival of the ...Read More